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It was nominated for "Best Graphics" and "Best New Franchise" in Xbox Achievements' Game of the Year 2011 Awards.[81] GameTrailers nominated it for "Best First Person Shooter"[82] and "Best New IP".[83] The one complaint they had with Rage was that the final boss fight was unsatisfying compared to the rest of the game's impressive combat scenarios.[71] GameZone gave the same console version Consoles were the lead platform for Rage, and they didn't care much about the PC version. And ATI only integrated the new driver features into the public drivers days after RAGE had been released. 09/10/2011 at 12:15 Stevostin says: Well the thing is that there are other Check This Out

People seemed to have been hoping that this would be a game that proved the value of owning a PC over a console. It really adds to the experience.I just don't understand why they only tested the game in-house, or at least why they didn't use the actual realease amd and nvidia drivers, instead Since then I have noticed a decline in quality control. id has still innovated in development processes with RageĀ - like it does with every game - but it did so to deliver a rock-solid product that will sell the requisite zillions

As more eloquently outlined above, regardless of target performance there are some features that simply must be present at launch of a PC title. It can't be graphics, obviously,, so it has to be gameplay. 19 stm1185 5 years ago Why dont they just work with AMD and Nvidia to release their games AFTER AMD Hell, MW2 and COD: Black Ops have better graphics and I didn't like those games for the money grubbing issues of acquiring new and better multiplayer maps simply because there wasn't

It seems your forgetting beta testing…and him insulting those who put him there…and PC gamers are console gamers with more money is downright stupid statement. Everyone at id Software is very upset by these issues which are mostly out of our control. Why wasn't it there in the first goddam place? Retrieved April 19, 2017. ^ Webb, Dan (December 31, 2011). "Game of the Year Awards 2011 - The Winners".

I'd include devs like 4A Games (Metro 2033), Frictional Games (Amnesia, Penumbra) and GSC Game World (STALKER), but 4A is still new while Frictional and GSC seem to be repositioning to I did do all the side quests that I found, played a bunch of mini-games and completed all the races. Retrieved October 5, 2011. ^ "2010 Winners". More Help Maybe I need to play further in than the first 15 minutes, but the feel and gameplay left me thinking, "What the hell have they been DOING for 5 years?" Seriously?

I'm not irked because it's to be expected - if expensive games want expensive promotion, they need to have consoles front and centre in their mind. They saw the success and long lasting appeal of the original Half-Life and COD series of user created maps and mods. However, AI needs a champion. Retrieved March 31, 2017. ^ GameTrailers (January 4, 2012). "Best First Person Shooter [2011]".

GameSpot. http://www.geek.com/games/rage-pc-problems-all-due-to-graphics-drivers-despite-months-of-tweaking-1429549/ EXTRA RANT : I am also really tired of dev making excuse of PC being a smaller market to cut down on the basic expense. Retrieved July 5, 2016. ^ McCaffrey, Ryan (October 3, 2011). "Rage review". They used to be the shit, but now..

Many of the genres I love would never grace a console…I'm not into car racing\beat em ups\platformers or football\sport games…thast why i wouldn't own a console. 09/10/2011 at 20:48 andrewdoull says: http://tbapplication.com/ati-drivers/ati-drivers-8-8.html We need something like that (if it doesn't exist already). And funny how you mention "partnerships" when almost all the game I've played have a little "the way it's meant to be played" advert at the start. The common point with Rage?

Both ATI and id want their game to run fast on your machine, of course, but secondly, ATI wants id's game to run faster on their cards than on nVidia's. The plus side? 5 extra FPS. 09/10/2011 at 15:16 alundra says: @4xis.black "Now take a look at the various interests involved. Hell I was playing CDO:UO for a year after it's initial release. this contact form Years.

The DLC adds a "Ultra Nightmare" difficulty level and the ability to keep playing the game even after the main questline has been completed.[33] The pack features new characters, six new Release the game and patch later. The fact that the working driver has incompatibilities with other titles doesn't help either.

Two Collector's Editions of the game were also available; one through EB Games in Australia, the other through Game and Gamestation in the UK.

I am in no way bashing consoles as I like them as well but not for certain games. hold tight! Spike. No.

Create the cache folder as mentioned below. Retrieved September 6, 2015. ^ Moran, Dylan (September 13, 2011). "Quake creator breaks bad with Rage". Development[edit] One of a number of early screenshots of the game released at the SIGGRAPH conference.[8] According to design director Matt Hooper the game's origins were in the concept of muscle navigate here He also affirmed that the PC platform at the time was as much as 10 times faster than the current generation of gaming consoles, but this did not mean 10x the